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All fares were last recorded on Jan 18, 2024 EST. Fares are round trip. Fuel surcharges, taxes & fees, as well as our service fees, are included in the fares.The fares displayed are based on historical data and cannot be assured at the time of booking. Refer our booking terms & conditions here.

Alaska Airlines

The 1932-founded Alaska Airlines is renowned for its outstanding customer support. The airlines and its regional partners fly to over 120 places within the United States.

In addition to the courteous services you've come to expect from Alaska Air, they've enhanced flying by incorporating contemporary touches throughout the flight. They intend to facilitate your journey calmly.

The majority of Alaska Airlines' aircraft have satellite-based Wi-Fi. That is faster than the older air-to-ground technique, though. Thanks to seamless gate-to-gate connectivity, you can now browse, stream, browse, and chat from takeoff to landing.

It's not surprising that Alaska Airlines occupies the top spot in this rating after garnering numerous honors; the airline offers excellent service and has a large following of devoted patrons. In addition, they received good scores in the research for comfort, amenities, entertainment, and food and drink.

Meal amenities

You will be provided meal courses that will feature top-notch sanitary cuisine, beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and a selection of snacks, depending on your flight class and duration. You can buy drinks or food on the plane if your airline ticket does not include them.

On board, the staff serves dependable and safe food and beverages. You can enjoy snacks and freshly cooked meals that are available for breakfast, lunch, and supper made with fresh ingredients that the West Coast inspires. Pre-order your preferred meals on our desktop website or mobile app before your journey.

Inform Alaska Airlines at least 24 hours before your departure time if you have any special dietary needs, such as food allergies, or a preference for vegan or religious cuisine, so that the required goods can be delivered on time. You can also get milk or meals for infants or young children traveling with them.

Miles from Alaska Mileage Plan

When it comes to earning Mileage Plan miles, Alaska offers a variety of options. This includes flying with Alaska or one of its partner airlines, using co-branded cards, earning points from several loyalty programs through online shopping portals, or purchasing Mileage Plan miles directly. You will require a Mileage Plan account before you can begin accumulating Alaska miles.

Most American airlines used to award one mile for every mile flown in the past. However, every American airline, except Alaska Airlines, has abandoned this revenue-generating strategy.

You will accrue 1 Mileage Plan mile for each mile flown on every Alaska flight. And yes, that is accurate even for Alaska's basic economy "Saver" fares. Even better, booking first class or a more expensive economy trip will earn you additional miles.

Depending on the airline you're traveling, the fare class you selected, and the flight length, you may earn different amounts of elite-qualifying miles. For example, at least 100% of Alaska flights earn elite-qualifying miles. Additionally, you'll accrue bonus miles toward elite status on more expensive trips.

Priority check-in and boarding, premium seats, express security lines at some airports, a discount on Alaska Lounge membership, and priority phone help are all benefits of MVP elite status at all levels.

Policy on Cancellations

You can amend your travel plans without incurring change fees or cancel your flights within 24 hours of booking for a full refund.

A vacation can be challenging to plan, and difficulties often appear out of the blue. However, with our 24-hour cancellation policy, you have the freedom to change your travel plans no matter what kind of shocks life throws your way.

  • Any fare increases and taxes associated with your revised itinerary will still be your responsibility.
  • Only tickets booked for travel beginning more than 24 hours from purchase are subject to the 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • The regular alteration and cancellation policy is in effect as soon as tickets are issued for those purchased less than 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

Book your flights today on Travelobay without any hassle, as this policy makes adjustments simple and reasonable.

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